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We are three guys studying Information Systems Engineering at the Technical University of Dresden. Interested in anything about electronics and computer science, we wanted to share our knowledge and also write down things to remember.


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We are currently tryring out several data visualization systems so we came accross redash. Because we are running mulitple web services on this server (gitlab, nextcloud and this blog) we decided to use a subdomai...

thanks to the blog of Vincent Driessen


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  • Hi, sorry for the long silence. I am currently working on a programming project involving a database where I need to check if user input matches a given date format (yyyy-mm-dd). As simple as it sounds it took me almost an hour to get the regular expression formated until the system finally did w...


    The u8glib is a really nice library to use when you don't want to mess around with different diplay protocols or drawing routines. It is well-conceived and easy to use. Unfortunately there has been no port for STM32 microcontrollers so I tried to do...

    Because I had some problems to get it working I will show you how to connect a BTM222 bluetooth module (or any similar device) to an Android mobile phone.

    1. What you need

    obviously a Bluetooth Module something to power the module and communicate with it (I use Ard...


    I recently got a Lattice XP2 Brevia development board to play around with FPGAs. This isn't the latest version of development boards you can get from Lattice but it will suit the needs of a beginner. I didn't find any simple tutorials dedicated to absolute beginners so I de...